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Gamer-Island Forum Bugs & Problems Avatar doesn't update

on 9/2/15

For some reason the avatar doesn't update
When you're changing something on the avatar it doesn't update
i.e hats hair ect.
It stays the way your avatar looked on 2.0 version of the site


Tester Verified
on 9/3/15

Try refreshing the page or simply pressing F5!
on 9/3/15

I had this problem yesterday day, tried refreshing.
but today it's fixed


Owner VCS Admin Database Admin Developer MC Server Admin Verified
on 9/3/15

Tell me if it comes back again! I think this is down to a caching issue that shouldn't be a problem anymore.

How are you liking the new revamped features so far?
on 9/3/15

They're great, can't wait to see what you come up with.