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The owner of the site. Has complete control over all operation, and as such can be trusted with details on any and all issues that arise.

VCS Admin
A VCS admin has full control over the code deployed onto the site. This is one of the highest permissions available for a developer, rivaling Database Admin.

Database Admin
Has access to the database to see and review data. Helps keep an eye out for abusive users, and manages data integrity

A developer creates fun new features for the site to keep it updated, and is also responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of data.

A site administrator (or admin) is a user with a large degree of control over the site. They can be trusted with almost everything.

MC Server Admin
MC Server Admins manage the Gamer-Island modded Minecraft server, and their responsibilities include ensuring the server is running correctly, configs are defined well, and rules are enforced fairly and correctly.

A moderator ensures the site's suitability to a younger audience by taking action on users that break the rules, and removing bad content.

Forum Moderator
A forum moderator helps keep the forum clean of spam and violations of the rules.