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Big Forum Update

on 8/23/16

Error pages

Error pages were made more descriptive and helpful across the site.
on 8/16/16

Login bonus

There is now a 25 bux login bonus, which you can receive once every 24 hours. Additionally, new accounts are now credited with 100 bux upon creation. All existing accounts have been credited with 100 bux to reflect this change.
on 7/25/16

Item payment fix

Owners of items now receive the correct money when they sell a copy. All previous transactions have been re-ran to help affect this change.
on 7/25/16

Password reset

Added password resetting functionality. Also transferred to new host, created issue tracker for admins
on 7/16/16

GIv3 Public Beta Commences

Public beta commenced, pushed to, registered users now get the basic default items, glitch with item upload names preventing spaces was fixed, forum issue where replying wouldn't work fixed, rank order issues fixed, database administrator rank added.
on 7/31/15

Messaging started

The main messaging client has been created, though functionality is limited. Buttons hide and show dynamically and multiple in-boxes are supported.
on 7/20/15

Mini redesign & Staff list

The footer has been redesigned, with icons and a less contrasting colour. Additionally, a staff list has been added based on ranks, and the update log has been improved in a number of ways, including by giving it two columns and giving the time ago a better style. Finally, the 'Hello, guest! Login or Register' bar was added for not logged in users.
on 7/17/15

Security update

Fixed significant security vulnerability that would allow users to set their own money and other statistics upon registration & set item as featured upon creation.
on 7/7/15

Store Update: Purchasing

Items can now be purchased from the store. Transactions are logged & tax is supported, though currently there is no tax on any sales.
on 7/7/15

Avatar Customisation

Users can now customise avatars, with a search bar and a variety of filters to help out along the way.
on 7/6/15

Accounts Page creation

The accounts page has been created & contains links to the inbox, friends and avatar management. Settings will come soon.
on 7/3/15

Store Page Improvements

The store page now allows display by featured, popular, limited, free and most recent. Additionally, searching and pagination have both been added.
on 5/29/15

Item Uploading & Users Page Improvement

Item uploading functionality is now present in the store, and the users page has been improved by adding an order feature and allowing order by activity, join date and alphabetical name.
on 5/29/15

Thread Reply Update

You can now reply to threads correctly. Additionally, a few issues in the way that the forum orders posts have been corrected.
on 5/26/15

Thread Posting

Thread posting is now working and threads can be posted on any sub-forum.
on 5/18/15

Users Page & Threads

Users page now has a helpful loading indicator, the page to display threads is mostly complete and displaying correctly.
on 5/10/15

Pagination Update

Forum work began, user page pagination added & search feature speed improved
on 4/26/15

Store & user page searching

Added store; profiles viewable; searching possible on users page; forum development started; live message count and friend request count
on 4/16/15

GI 3.0 Creation

Added homepage, users page, created styles
on 4/13/15