Welcome to the Gamer-Island v3.0 public beta. If you had an account on v2.0, you can migrate it on the login page.

The Tekkit Server is restarting! Click here for more information.

Welcome to the Gamer-Island Version 3.0 Beta!

Much of this site is currently under heavy development, which is being concluded in stages.

Gamer-Island v3.0 is intended to be the best avatar network, with no other coming close. With features like quick searching without any page refreshes, instant shop filtering, better item templating and moderating, more dynamic forums, and a generally more interactive experience, we think we can achieve that goal.

The general plan is as follows (In order, but highly subject to change):

Home page - Get login form working
Users page - Get a decent display with search function going on
Profile page - Get a decent profile that displays some information and stuff
Update log - A better one than Gamer-Island v2 had
Forum - Basics
Store - Item uploading and store
Avatars - Get avatars working and displaying correctly
Avatar customisation
Messaging - Just the basics
Groups - Working state
Store - Limited item support