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Gamer-Island Forum Updates Big forum update

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Owner VCS Admin
on 8/23/16

The forum has received a large update, which covered the following (and more):

- Now supports locked threads
- Now supports sticky threads
- Locks can be bypassed by staff able to unlock the thread
- More standard header style across the forum pages
- A proper notice if you can't post because you are not logged in / unverified, rather than an error when you try clicking the button
- Style of reply and post buttons is now standard with the rest of the site (Using button control panels rather than floating panels at the top of the pagE)
- Reply button can be accessed at the bottom of a thread as well as at the top
- More minor: The colour scheme is lighter and rows are closer to white than they were before (Previously they were both darker, one being a relatively dark gray)

Bugs fixed:
- Posts will now order correctly when replied to (This worked before but it was hit-and-miss and sometimes a reply would not bump a post)
- The most recent post will always be correctly displayed on the index page rather than being sometimes slightly out of date

Coming soon:

- We'll be supporting some markup (Like these lists I've made will be converted into real lists)
- We'll be supporting syntax so you can write something like {user:1}, which will be replaced with a nice link to user 1 (Gamer-Island)'s page, the text of the link being their username. Similarly for items, groups, and others.
- Signatures
- Pagination on threads and categories
- Edit your posts (History will be available, edits will be put into a queue for admin approval; some rules will be in place. Should only be used for e.x. rewording, correcting typos, updating threads with new information)
- Post count under user


Owner VCS Admin
on 8/23/16

Some of the coming soon features should be here within the week.

Admins, moderators and forum moderators can also move, lock, stick, unlock and unstick threads with ease now, too.


on 7/29/19

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